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Please Help Save The Lives Of The People Who Save Yours. Charity PTSD999

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I have got to say I've heard of this condition and know a few ex servicemen who have it. But recently I was with Andy McNab and the team behind this charity and I was truly shocked to discover the impact this condition has on our servicemen.

As you may well know he can't be photographed but what a great man to work with this charity. Sadly there is no help from the Ministry of Defence. This charity relies on my 2 mates Gary and Simon & the team. Please get behind this charity for our servicemen that make sure we are safe. Thank you.

Me & Joules with Any McNab at the PTSD999 Appeal at the Gonville Hotel.

With Andy McNab & Gary & Simon from the PTSD999 Team.

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