To celebrate 40 YEARS OF LIONHEART we release our new album today called "The Reality Of Miracles" - available as CD, vinyl and download. Don't miss the chance of seeing the amazing Tristan Greatrex artwork and inlays - buy the CD or vinyl! Here's the purchase link: https://flying-dolphin-administration.lnk.to/Lionheart/If you enjoy our new album please write a review on Amazon today, or as soon as you possibly can. Getting reviews up on Amazon quickly really pushes Amazon's promotion of The Reality Of Miracles. We are in with a great chance of hitting the charts around the world and this will help us immensely.We are going to be releasing a short video in the next week or so on our YouTube channel illustrating our 40 years together, so go to https://www.youtube.com/lionheart-music now and hit the subscribe button to be notified of its release - you don't want to miss it. But for now.. just enjoy The Reality Of Miracles

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