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To celebrate 40 YEARS OF LIONHEART we release our new album today called "The Reality Of Miracles" - available as CD, vinyl and download. Don't miss the chance of seeing the amazing Tristan Greatrex artwork and inlays - buy the CD or vinyl! Here's the purchase link: you enjoy our new album please write a review on Amazon today, or as soon as you possibly can. Getting reviews up on Amazon quickly really pushes Amazon's promotion of The Reality Of Miracles. We are in with a great chance of hitting the charts around the world and this will help us immensely.We are going to be releasing a short video in the next week or so on our YouTube channel illustrating our 40 years together, so go to now and hit the subscribe button to be notified of its release - you don't want to miss it. But for now.. just enjoy The Reality Of Miracles

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